Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Honest Beauty Co. Oily Skin Trial

There are a several things included in this trial lost I'll be reviewing, so I'm going to keep them simple, clear, and concise to make up for that. I will go ahead and say, since I don't se face make up (powder, foundation, etc), I DID NOT use the primer, so I don't have an opinion on it.
Refreshingly Clear Gel Cleanser - I Love this stuff! It smells great, lathers really well (I didn't need much at all!), and my face felt incredibly fresh and clean. Definitely a good pick and I will possibly be replacing my current face wash of choice (Simple Moisturizing Face Wash) with, if I can afford it consistently.
Beyond Protected Oil Free Daily Beauty Fluid - Not such a big fan of this stuff. First off, it's hard as hell to squeeze out. It took me a minute to get it going, even with some good shaking. Secondly, because it's oil free, it's also pretty thick - Almost sunscreen like consistency, but less workable. And even though it's oil free doesn't mean it's not greasy feeling, because it is. It's hard to apply and spread a little does not go a long way with this one. Once I finally had it even, my face felt plumper, but it also felt grosser. I had just washed my face and now it felt even more dirty than it did when I had woken up! But maybe once the whole routine was finish, some of the ingrediants worked together to change that, so I pressed onward. (Turns out, later on hat day I had to grab a Simple Cleansing Cloth and wipe down my face really good because I just couldn't take the feeling and grossness of it, my forehead sweat and it felt like I had spread straight grease and oil across my forehead.

Dependably Clear Oil Free Moisturizer - I really like the consistency of this moisturizer; It's thin, it's smooth, and doesn't leave a greasy feeling once applied and worked in; not on its own, at least. But I only know that from how smooth my fingertips felt after application. My felt didn't feel any better thanks to the heaviness of the Beauty Fluid.
I decided to go with the middle gloss, Dreamy Kiss, yesterday since it's Spring time and it's a light, neutral, nude colour. AND I LOVE IT! First of all, it glides on so smoothly and isn't too thick at all. It blends really well so it looks beautifully natural and it wasn't irritating or too sticky like some lip glosses can be. And it lasted me a good few hours, too, I had a soda from Cook Out and it didn't leave any residue on the straw. It actually hadn't even worn away until I ate lunch at Starbucks. Definitely will be buying and keeping if we can afford it in the future. The Creative Kiss and Inspired Kiss samples I'm saving until Fall and Winter because I feel those are more appropriate seasons for those shades.

All in all, a positive experience save for the Beauty Fluid. Tomorrow when we go out, I'm going to try just the moisturizer and see how much better that feels. I do suggest trying them out, though. No harsh chemicals or anything are used in their products, and it reflects. I didn't have any irritated or inflamed skin, nothing turned pink or red, so yay! Overall, the kit is a 3/5, though if the Beauty Fluid were better or removed it's be a 4.5/5. :)

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