Saturday, May 28, 2016

Honest Co. All Purpose Multi-Surface Cleaner

Honest Co. All Purpose Multi-Surface Cleaner
Rating:: 5/5

I LOVE this stuff. It is AWESOME! Not only does it smell great, but it works SO well and makes cleaning up messes so very easy I've been using a DIY cleaner of vinegar and citrus essential oil for the past year to cut through the grease and disinfect while I clean, but this stuff I can let sit on a sticky mess for merely a moment, and then take a paper towel and wipe it right on up, o problem! Nearly no effort, and it's STILL safe and friendly to use in my home around my daughter and kittens. You don't have to compromise your belief in a clean, nontoxic home; it's just a little more out of pocket, but a little goes a long way and it's so worth it (Also it definitely smells a lot better than the DIY vinegar cleaner, no chemical smell left behind at all!). NO harsh chemicals, NO testing on animals, and every purchase results in a donation to families in poverty, as well! I Loved my trial of it so much I went out and bought a full sized bottle for home so I could use the trial size for when I travel. You can pick up individual Honest Co. products at Target or sign up for a subscription box where your receive five Essential Home items of your choice at your preferred frequency, and you can change them up with each order. I HIGHLY recommend it!

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