Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Honest Co. & Honest Beauty Trial Sample Kits Are In!

New free trial samples in over the weekend!

Excited to try these out with my daughter and see how it goes. I'm picking up some Honest Co. house stuff at Target tomorrow so maybe baby items might become necessities, as well.

This Essential bundle was also a free trial offer from Honest Co. I used the hand wash and surface cleaner today and was very happy. I'm picking up some more house stuff at Target tomorrow, too, and will put up a proper review for each product sometime next week after I've had several days to test their merit. So far, so good! :)

And lastly, this trial box from Honest Co. Beauty. It's specifically for oily skin, and it's first test run is tomorrow when we go out for groceries and to see Alice's godmother. Luckily, you can adjust how frequently your kits are mailed and I can make my skin care stuff last much longer than most, so we'll see if it stands the test and if so, I might have my first box coming this way!

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