Sunday, June 26, 2016

Around the House Reviews

And now a review for just a few things we use and have around the house that I did on Influenster and want to throw out there.

Hefty® Extra Strong Multipurpose 30 Gallon Large Trash Bags - I get these in bigger than a 17 ct box. They're super strong, and hold up really well. And we don't even get the odor protective ones, but they do super well at holding in our daughter's stinky poopie diapers. I would definitely recommend these and you can pick them up anywhere, Wal-Mart, Target. I get ours at Kroger.

Dove Chocolate Dove Milk Chocolate Candy Bar - Easily the smoothest, creamiest, milkiest chocolate I've ever had. It's not rich, but its super delicious. I really can't be any more specific, it's just so incredibly good.

Scotch-Brite Heavy Duty Scrub Sponges - The most versatile, long lasting, affordable scrub sponge. It's not exactly the most green and environmentally friendly, which is it's one big drawback, and eventually I will switch to one that is that I can afford on a more regular basis, but until then, these are IT

Yogi Tea Herbal Tea - This brand is awesome! I'm just for the past few years getting into herbal teas and I still have to use sweeteners, but I drink the mint kind in the mornings regularly to give myself a nice boost of energy before my day starts so I can get done what I need done. It's a really nice, cool feeling for such a warm drink and it's nice to have when I just sit quietly in the mornings.

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