Monday, June 6, 2016

Huggies Snug and Dry Diapers

Huggies Snug and Dry Diapers
Rating: 4/5

These are awesome! We have never had any leakage issues (unlike Luvs), and they are the main Size One diapers we've been using the whole time my daughter has been in this size. They're really easy to tell if they're wet or not, you just squeeze and if it's kind of spongey, change the baby! We change her every time she's upset to not only avoid leakage, but also keep her from being uncomfortable. Our daughter did get a little pink at first when we switched from Pampers Newborns to these, but we put petroleum jelly on her bottom (at our pediatrician's recommendation as opposed to diaper rash cream since it wasn't a full rash), and she's good as new! They fit really well, too. A little baggy if you put it on the way you think you should, but remember - The nurses at the hospital say you can close them tighter than you'd think you could. I pull it tight enough that her sides don't show, but not so tight that it bothers her and she's good to go! Note: Apparently there are a LOT of parents who have had problems with these diapers. A lot of the reviews on Influenster say that they leaked, caused a diaper rash, essentially that their children had the exact opposite experience than my daughter did. As a note with babies, ALWAYS make sure you are closing their diapers tightly, as tight as you can without harming the baby. Pay attention to how tightly the nurses a the hospital are pulling the diaper tabs, and know that hat is what's safe, you don't have to leave diapers loose. Then, if their bottoms are getting red and rashy, make sure you're using either Vaseline or diaper rash cream VERY LIBERALLY to help with irritation and chafing. If your baby continues having adverse reactions to any material, do exactly as those parents did and SWITCH! Always do what is best for your baby, above all else!

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