Friday, July 8, 2016

5 Day Review of Boka Brush & Toothpaste (July 3-7, 2016)

July 3, 2016 - Hello, all! This is review is going to chronicle my first five days using the Boka (formerly Goodmouth) Brush and their toothpaste. The Boka brush is interesting because the bristles are made from activated charcoal, so they're black. But, activated charcoal is one of the best methods of ridding the body of toxins, medically. If you're sick, filled with bile, or have something that could be poisonous to you in your systems, you can use activated charcoal to help expedite the process of eliminating it. Hospitals use it. If you take a pill, it's not pretty - You can get to where you're puking up pure stomach bile. But these bristles are harmless, they won't do that.

I'm writing my thoughts down each day in a small notebook as I use them and updating this post at the end of the days, so by the time this goes up, I'll have been using it and adding to it for a week's time.

Day 1, 07.03.16 - THESE ARE THE SOFTEST BRISTLES EVER! Holy crap, they're so gentle, and they glide across your mouth. I have never had such a nice feeling when brushing my teeth. The toothpaste didn't leave my mouth feeling dry, and my mouth felt super clean.

Day 2, 07.04.16 - I was EXCITED to brush my teeth this morning. Who gets excited to brush their teeth? I couldn't wait to have those super soft bristles on my teeth! Anyway, they leave a long - and I mean LONG - lasting cleanness after getting all the gunk off your teeth. I brushed in the morning when I woke up (about 10:30ish, I've been lazy since this is moving week), and noticed early on in the evening after my husband got home from work (6ish) that when I ran my tongue along my teeth, they were still smooth - like CLEAN, no plaque or buildup or anything from what I had eaten that day.

Day 3, 07.05.16 - I'm starting to feel a significant difference in my teeth. Usually, I have to rinse my mouth out and brush with mouthwash halfway through the day just to get my mouth feeling clean again because I can feel the stuff building up over the course of the day and just HAVE to get the gross feeling GONE before I can continue my day. Today, I didn't even notice it! Seriously, as I was brushing my teeth before bed, I thought, "Hey, I haven't had to brush since this morning. This is awesome!"

Day 4, 07.06.16 - Still feeling good, still LOVING these super soft bristles. Nothing significant to say about today, though. I told my husband that next pay period we should get him one for himself, he likes nice things, he'll Love how soft this brush is. He'll probably have to stick to regular toothpaste for a little while, though.

Day 5, 07.07.16 - MY HUSBAND noticed that my teeth were whiter. MY HUSBAND. A MAN. NOTICED a physical change. I know that sounds stereotypical, but stereotypes exist for a reason. AND IT WAS MY SMILE. Nothing super drastic like a haircut or a new lip gloss. Just that my teeth were whiter. AND IN ONLY FIVE DAYS! That's insane! Talk about satisfaction AND results!

So, that's that! All in all, I VERY, VERY HIGHLY recommend this toothbrush, and the toothpaste. Eventually, I'll try out the floss and Cocorinse they have available, but we couldn't afford the entire set when I placed the order. Anyway, I truly hope more people sign up for this service or at least try out the brush and paste! They're the most incredible items in oral care I've ever had the pleasure of using and I will most definitely be continuing to do so. I'm going to update this again in a couple of months when I go to the dentist to see what he has to say about the changes in my gums and teeth, too. I hope you try it and enjoy it as much as I do!!

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