Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Hill's Pet Nutrition Science Diet Wet Cat Food

Hill's Pet Nutrition Science Diet Wet Cat Food
Rating: 2/5
Another one up for you! Once again, this is a product I received free for testing and review, but the opinions are all my own. :)
Alright, just so we're clear I WAS SUPER EXCITED TO GIVE THIS TO FLUKE! But, she is lame and likes her dry food and her cheap wet food. No lie, I was super jealous when I first opened these cans to put out for her. They looked good, wholesome, you could see the real rice and carrots and chicken and everything that was in there was REAL. And it smelled good. My dad always said if he ever went homeless and had to live out of his car, he'd eat cat food because it's made with real, good stuff, and Hill's is especially real.

However, my darling little kitten, picky as she is, hardly even bothered. With each one, she would come up to it, smell it, and walk off. The very first time I put any out for her she licked up all the gravy and juices from the top, but that was the most she ever did. She would ignore it and just follow me around and sit and stare at me until I emptied it out and put down either her dry food (Iams, but she also like the Beyond dry food, as well), or her wet Friskies. Which she only eats half out, leaves the rest to dry out and get gross, and then demands fresh food be put down. And I don't do a whole can at a time, people.

All in all, this is a good, whole, HEALTHY product. But Fluke isn't all about that healthy mess and refused to eat it. We've been living her on the cheap stuff for her whole Life because that's all we can afford, but if you have always been feeding your pets healthy pet food, I do recommend it. Not for picky eaters, though. Like Fluke. Butt.

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