Friday, July 22, 2016

Influenster UpSpringMom VoxBox - Milkscreen

Milkscreen Home Alcohol Test Strips
Rating: 5/5

I finally got a chance to use this the other night after preparing a romantic meal for my husband and I at home. He bought a new wine specifically for the night and we put our daughter to bed early. It worked exactly as it said it would and I could literally see the tab changing colour as I waited the two minutes. I waited about an hour and a half before using another to see if I could feed my daughter and our wine glasses are actually champaign flutes, so we didn't have a full typical glass of wine, we had about half that (but boy, did the quality make up for that!). And no colour change AT ALL - I was clear and it didn't even get dingy. I highly recommend these if you're aching for a glass but worried about not knowing when you're clear, they work really well. I would just say to feed your child right before drinking so you have plenty of time and to not drink too much, or to have milk pumped if you want a full night of unwinding.

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