Friday, July 15, 2016

philosophy Breath Facial Gel-Cream Moisturizer

philosophy Breath Facial Gel-Cream Moisturizer
Rating: 4/5

This gel-cream is lovely. It's a miniature get away experience. Smells wonderful, like a spa and is relaxing, but stimulates your senses to a slight awareness that really does make you stop and breathe. Is a little heavy when applying, but after it's absorbed and has been a few minutes, you forget about it; not oily or greasy at all! Best to apply at night, though-it gives you the opportunity to take a moment before bed to centre yourself, and I had completely forgotten about it in the morning until my morning shower. The humidity and heat oiled it up and my skin was slick until I washed my face, so I don't suggest it as a morning moisturizer in the late Spring and dead of Summer, but fall, winte, or early Spring - this is perfect. Especially if you're just taking a day to relax with some time to yourself, or going to the beach.

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