Thursday, July 28, 2016

Silk® Nutchello™ Dark Chocolate + Walnuts

Silk® Nutchello™ Dark Chocolate + Walnuts
Rating: 4/5
This is super yummy! It smells like a chocolate candy bar, and definitely has the wonderful, nutty flair as advertised, but it's not over powering or anything. I don't even like walnuts, and I Love this stuff. Would be excellent in a milkshake or protein shake, due to it's creamy texture, but it's more watery than normal chocolate milk so you know you're drinking something that's made from a dairy alternative. It's smooth, but not too thick or heavy. All in all, a nummy and refreshing drink! But, I will say drink it sparingly - it's richness made me fill a little icky after drinking a milk bottle's worth within less than an hour. **I received this product for free for review. The opinion is all my own, of course!

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