Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Seventh Generation #ComeClean Campaign - Vajingle

Okay, no lie, the #Vajingle tag is a little awkward, but it's a really good focal point a lot of people have overlooked for price and convenience. I was just seeing a video the other day about how most tampon companies have carcinogens in the plastic used to make the applicators and aren't required to disclose them because they're considered "medical devices." I get that a lot of products have carcinogens in them these days and that we've probably built up tolerances to a lot of them over time, but it would still be nice to at least KNOW and be informed so that we can make better choices if we need to - And that's exactly what the entire #ComeClean campaign is about!! So watch this video with the awkward hashtag and make yours. :)

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