Saturday, August 6, 2016

UpSpring Wellmom Coconut Nipple Balm

UpSpring Wellmom Coconut Nipple Balm
Rating: 5/5
This stuff is pretty wonderful. I don't get cracked nipples when breastfeeding, my baby has done it perfectly right from the get go, so I used this one my heels. They were already softer by day three of applying it. I would apply it in the morning after my shower and at night before putting on socks and going to bed. It's a little gritty when applying, but it rubs into the skin really well. The only thing that ever bothered me was how kind of greasy it was. I would slip just the tiniest bit on our floor for a while after putting it on, even with socks on, and I would have to wash my hand with soap about three times to get it all off completely without leaving any coconut oil residue on my soap dispenser. It's one downfall is long term effectiveness, though - if you miss one or two days in applying it, the skin will toughen up again VERY quickly! But if you have the extra couple of minutes in your morning and nighttime routines, it's a wonderful help!

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