Tuesday, September 13, 2016

ALDI Little Journey VoxBox Review!

Hey there! I have FINALLY gotten through using most of the products I received FOR FREE from Influenster for the ALDI Little Journey VoxBox and am ready to put up the reviews! Now, I'm going to create an individual review for each of the items, I'll just do them as a whole (except on Instagram), but I am EXCITED to talk about this product line! Enjoy below!

Total Retail Value of This Box - $6.76

Little Journey Diapers (4 count), Value $0.52 Rating: 3/5 - These were wonderful! They're very simplistic and soft, and my daughter seemed EXTRA comfy in them! They held up well, but the REAL test is with a poopie diaper and unfortunately, Alice didn't poop while she was in the ones I tried out of my VoxBox, so I can't really rate it any higher the way I'd like without knowing how it does against baby poops. I DID get the opportunity to go to Jacksonville for my niece's birth and we stopped by the ALDI there and picked up two 96 count boxes of diapers for Alice for only $25! So I will be able to update this review later!

Little Journey Soothing Baby Wipes (10 count), Value $0.17 - I really liked these wipes. They were thick and strong enough to clean up awful baby messes, but they didn't irritate Alice's skin and they weren't soapy or sudsy or anything like Huggies or Seventh Gen. My husband even made a comment about liking them when he used them, and he doesn't weigh in on my product trials and reviews hardly ever!

Little Journey Organic Baby Food Puree, Value $0.79 Rating 5/5 - Alice can't quite grip thing very well just yet, so I had to squeeze this into one of her baby food jars, but she absolutely LOVED the one I got in my VoxBox, the apple pear and green peas puree. It's so good that she liked them so much because we're having a hard time starting the transition from breast milk to baby food. She's almost six months old and I have to start working again soon, but she seems to usually only want SOME babybfood then breast milk to finish off and with this, I've been able to feed her a couple of times with several spoonfuls and she would be good for at least an hour! Impressive for her! We actually picked up a couple more during our trip to Jacksonville, and my husband even made a comment about them being a good little snack for adults. I couldn't do it, but if he wants to eat better - by all means!

Little Journey Baby Wash, Value $2.49 Rating 4/5 - I am SO happy I received this. It is so HUGE, what an awesome value! It washes just as well as Johnson & Johnson's, just as well as up & up or Publix or Kroger brand, but there is so much more in this. 28 oz! And it has that convenient pump. The only reason I don't rate it perfectly is because it doesn't smell quite as good to me as Johnson & Johnson's, but that's literally the only reason. It still cleans just as well, and it has a much better value for what it's worth.

Now, there was also the two full size packages of puffs ($1.39 each, $2.78 total value), but Alice isn't old enough and doesn't have any teeth for those, so I will have to review those in a few months' time, but I am so, so excited to get the word out there about these products! There are no ALDI stores in Georgia, which devastates me, but rest assured, we will be making a trip there every time we visit my family in Jacksonville to stock up on what we need. You should use the ALDI store finder and find your nearest ALDI location so you can, too.

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