Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Curel Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer Review!

I'm finally ready to put up my review of the Curel Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer (Value $2.00) that I received for free from Crowdtap for review!

I want to start off by saying that I went about a week using this and recorded how my skin was feeling each day as the week went on. I'm pretty much just going to by through it day by day and leave my final impressions at the very end. It'll be brief.

Monday - I received this at the end of the day with mail (somehow - it was Labour Day!), so I had already taken my morning shower. I had decided to take a bath that night, though, and applied it to my legs as I was getting out of the bath.

Tuesday - By Tuesday morning, my legs were dry and itchy again. That's what happens when my skin gets dry, it just itches incessantly. I applied it at the end of my morning shower and my legs were fine until about 2:15 that afternoon when my husband came home for lunch. That was pretty much about it, though, not really anymore throughout the rest of that day and evening.

Wednesday - My legs didn't itch this morning. I applied more after my morning shower, and my legs were still pretty itchy by lunch time, but not nearly as much or for as long, and they were fine the rest of the night again.

Thursday - No issues upon waking today! Applied after morning shower and was perfectly fine all day. No discomfort, dryness, or itching!

Friday - Same goes for today. Applied after morning shower and skin was soft and hydrated throughout the whole day.

Saturday - Here's where it starts to get a little dicey. We had an impromptu trip to Jacksonville this past weekend for our niece's birth, but I didn't think to pack the moisturizer. My dryness didn't really present or anything throughout the day today, but that was about it.

Sunday - My skin was dry again by the morning. It was pretty annoying by the time we left Jacksonville to come back home early that evening.

Monday - Applied after morning shower and legs were significantly less itchy, but still kind of dry by the end of the day.

Tuesday - Did not take a morning shower this morning. I slept in. Without applying it, my legs have been driving me nuts all throughout the entire day.

Final impressions - It's okay. I give it a 3/5 rating. I wouldn't put it on my skin care list or go out of my way to buy it or recommend it to anyone. But if it was given to me as a gift or I ended up with multiple samples and could give it away, I would. It seems to be necessary to use in conjunction with some other regular moisturizers throughout the day if you have extra dry skin, and used in the very long term. If use is inconsistent, so are results, so there's not really a long lasting effect. You have to keep on using it, so if you already use regular moisturizers, this would force you to use less, but just end up costing you more money over the long run.

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