Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Hyland's Good Morning Tablets

I received these Hyland's Good Morning Tablets for free from PINCHme and finally got around to trying them out a couple of days last week. Now you're supposed to take them throughout the entire day (which seems counter productive to me), but I only received four tablets so I took two in the morning two mornings in a row.

These were completely ineffective for me. On the days I don't have my morning coffee, I usually end up talking an early nap, like before 12pm. I tried this on two days, one with and without morning coffee. The day without my morning coffee, I ended up taking a nap within an hour of taking two of these tablets. They were thick and chalky, too. Not pleasant to take. I was pretty disappointed the morning had gotten away from me. The next day with my morning coffee, I stayed up through the morning, but didn't have any extra energy from this. I'm really, REALLY disappointed, I was looking forward to using these and becoming able to reduce my daily caffeine intake.

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