Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Pur-lisse Blue Lotus Essential Daily Moisturizer

I received this sample of Pur-lisse Blue Lotus Essential Daily Moisturizer from my September 2016 Beauty Box 5.
Value: $8.00
Rating: 3/5

This did much better than it's cleansing milk counterpart. This absorbed really well into the skin, and wasn't greasy or oily after applied at all. It looks and smells like sunscreen - very much because it's essentially a facial sunscreen with a little bit of oomph! to it. My skin does feel a little bit softer after a couple of weeks of semi-daily use - it's best used when applied shortly before sun exposure and as a stay-at-home mom without a car (or license, for that matter), it's not like I really go out in the sun very much. All in all, I'm glad I have the sample - valued at $8.00, too - but the full sized item is an incredible $55.00 and I don't know about all that, so that's why only a 3/5 rating. I can assure you, I will never in my Life spend that amount of money on a single moisturizer, so I will probably never buy this out of pocket. But if you get it as a gift, good on you!

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