Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Scotch Brite No Scratch Scrubbing Dish Cloth

I received this FULL SIZED! Scotch Brite No Scratch Scrubbing Dish Cloth complimentary for review from Pinch Me.
Value: $3.39
Rating: 5/5

This thing was SUPER SURPRISING. It's so strong! I totally didn't think it would be as strong as it was to use. I ended up FIRST testing it on my cast iron skillet after I had run out of kosher salt and I needed to wipe some ick off of it, but I didn't want to use my regular dish sponge and get soap on it. I use this around the edges and the ick LITERALLY DISAPPEARED. It was just GONE! It was awesome!

There was some rice stuck to the floor of the pan that had been scrubbed and oiled and cooked over - since it IS a cast iron skillet, that's not a huge deal - so I tried it on that and CLEAN. GONE. Clear skillet! I was amazed and, truth be told, a little worried for my cast iron, haha.

I thought, "Surely, there's no way this can be that strong and not be scratching stuff." WRONG. So wrong! I used it on a small non stick pan that we used for eggs next and I couldn't see ANYTHING marring the surface that hadn't been there before. I'm telling you, this thing is SO GOOD! I plan on making this last as long as I can and buying a double pack as soon as I'm in need of more! I would highly recommend it!

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