Sunday, November 6, 2016

Earthly Body Mircale Oil

I got free samples of this at an Earth Bound a couple of months ago and squeezed them out of their sachets into a roller ball to make it last longer so I could adequately test it out. This stuff works wonders. Miracle Oil is definitely an appropriate name. I recently gave birth in March and didn't have any stretch marks the whole pregnancy - They appeared while pushing in labour. I haven't really paid much attention to them, but I read on the description card of the samples that this oil could also help rid your body of stretch marks. I figured why not, I don't really any other way of testing this stuff out, so I tried it out on them. Using it relatively often for a couple of weeks I noticed a difference some days and others I didn't. I decided to be more dedicated, so I tested it for a week using it after my morning shower and before bed every day and night, consecutively. WHAT A DIFFERENCE. Look at this before and after photo to really, truly understand.

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  1. I used it to grow my edges in thicker which were horrible for yrs! And I used it in a thin spot in the back side of my crown. I can't see any thinness there now. These too thin places I figured would be like that for life. That is until I used this oil! I'm very grateful