Tuesday, February 14, 2017

fresh Soy Facial Cleanser & fresh Rose Face Mask

I received these as a free gift in Sephora for my birthday back in November!

fresh Soy Facial Cleanser
Value: $3.80
I was very happy to get my free birthday gift of this from Sephora! This cleanser is very gentle and it smells like cucumber. It's creamy and doesn't really lather very much, but it does leave my skin feeling incredibly soft, despite not making my face feel terribly clean. It was really nice to have as a gift, and I would definitely use it again if given to me as a gift, but I don't feel that I'd ever pay money for it

fresh Rose Face Mask
Value: $8.98
I really like this little mask! It smells good and is easy to work into your morning routine since it's only a five minutes mask - I use it in the shower after washing my face first thing and leave it while bathing and shaving, then rinse it off before I get out. Its very cooling, and it works wonders on darkness and grogginess from a night of sleep.It is also incredibly softening and is a wonderful little handy thing to have when you can't do a full proper face mask

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