Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Listerine Anticavity and Listerine Zero Mouthwash

I received these Listerine Anticavity and Zero Mouthwash samples from Crowdtap for free to test and review!

Listerine Ultra Clean
Rating: 4/5
Value: $4.99
This stuff is pretty awesome. There is a slight burn, which doesn't entirely thrill me, but it doesn't hurt at all. And it leaves a clean, fresh feeling that truly is long lasting and I was able to notice it immediately - The first time I tested this out after receiving my complimentary bottle, I used it at night and my teeth still felt clean and free of ick the next morning!

Listerine Zero
Rating: 5/5
Value: $1.52
This Listerine was SO much better than the Antiseptic! It didn't burn AT ALL, thanks to it's awesome Zero Alcohol formula, but it still left a fresh clean feeling! My mouth was still dried out just a bit, but nowhere near as much as any other Listerine.

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