Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Luvsome Wet & Dry Cat Food (and Toys!)

I received these Luvsome wet food cans, the 3.5 pound bag of dry food formula, and the kitty toys all for FREE! They were complimentary from Crowdtap to review with my honest and sincere opinions. :)

Luvsome Dry Food Indoor Formula
Rating: 3/5
Value: $3.99

Fluke seems to like it well enough! I still have to mix some of her usual hard food in with it to get her to it every time. I did it bit by bit up to s whole bowl of just the Luvsome as suggested, but when I did the bowl 100% Luvsome, she didn't touch it for a whole day. I had to remake the bowl as a mix and tempt her with snacks, but as long as I mix it now, she's into it. She seems to be in generally better health and mood, though! She's more playful, nicer to my daughter, and has actually began sleeping with me at the food of the bed again!

Luvsome Flaked Tuna Dinner Wet Food Formula
Rating: 4/5
Value: $0.45

I was very impressed! She hasn't liked wet food in general for well over a year, and she never liked anything fish flavoured except for treats. But I left this out and she ate the whole can! Was actually pretty awesome!

Luvsome Salmon Dinner Wet Food Formula
Rating: 2/5
Value: $0.45
She went right to this one and licked off a lot of the gravy and liquid in the can. But unfortunately, I didn't really see her actually eat any of it. =/

Luvsome Gourmet Chicken Dinner Food Formula
Rating: 1/5
Value: $0.45
She didn't like this at all. Which is odd, because even though she doesn't usually like wet food, the only hard food she ever eats is chicken flavoured and I figured that at least she would be interested in a chicken flavoured wet food, too. Hmm.

We also received these toys as an extra treat just for Fluke to enjoy! Although I don't have to review them, I will say Fluke has been in HEAVEN! with these!
It's a four pack with two of each, so I took off one for each and saved the other ones for when the first get lost or torn up, but they've held up for about a month so far!

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