Thursday, March 23, 2017

Final Fantasy XV (Short) Review

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I just have a lot of emotions about this game, you guys. This is a short version of my opinion because I couldn't feel all.of my feelings into a text post to do it justice. I'll will write a longer one while I go through New Game+.

This game is absolutely incredible. It has a wonderful free flowing battle system, the most beautiful and sad story in any of the franchise titles that I've personally played, and it is filled with immersive experience all the way around. The dynamic between Noctis, Prompto, Gladiolus, and Ignis is VERY much that of a group of buddies, besties, and bros - PERFECTLY portrayed! Each character has their own, prominent personality that permeates into skills and aspects that truly affect your status ad level. Dialogue in this is phenomenal - from casual questions about coffee to jokes about... "sizes" (very much the kind that a group of 20-something year old guys would make). Meals have an impact on your level, resting, fishing, foraging for supplies and materials. The environment and movements are so high quality. Clothes get wet, hair gets wet and falls - unless you buy hair gel! - food looks incredible, water moves as you walk through it. Everything about this game is incredible and beautiful, it has the most enjoyable battle system I've played in a LONG time. It's gorgeous, it's just plain FUN, and has the best story I've had the pleasure to experience. It was worth every second of ten years, and I am absolutely NOT disappointed.


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