Monday, April 17, 2017

Silk Vanilla Protein Nutmilk Review

I received this Silk Vanilla Protein Nutmilk for free to test in return for my honest review!
Rating: 5/5
Value: $3.29

WOW. This variety of Silk Milk is incredible! I have been looking for a yummy, creamy base to use in my smoothies for a while now because I've wanted to do fruit smoothies recently as part of my plan to get back to how fit I was when I live in Alabama. I don't like yogurt, though, and regular milk just made it taste kind of weird. I didn't want to add sugar to it, and then I got the opportunity to test out a carton of Silk's new Vanilla Protein Nutmilk for FREE! While I was pretty wary - I normally don't like this kind of milk or milk replacement on their own, I'm just so not used to them at all - I decided trying it out in my smoothies would be a good way for me to do it for something I knew I probably wouldn't normally be a fan of. And let me tell you - I will be buying this again and making ice cream with it! When I tell you it tasted like I three some vanilla ice cream in the blender with my fruit, I am NOT kidding! That's what it tasted like! It was the perfect texture to make my smoothies creamy - and not slushy, since I was using frozen fruit - AND it gave it that sweetness I really wanted without adding straight up sugar or legitimate ice cream! I'm definitely going to be making some kind of frozen treat that Alice can eat, maybe little melts or popsicles appropriate for her age and size, because I was beyond impressed with this stuff. Thank you, Crowdtap and Silk!

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