Friday, April 28, 2017

"The Nightingale" by Kristin Hannah Book Review

I received this book from free from SheSpeaks Book Club program in exchange for my honest review!
If interested, you can purchase it here!

Once you finally get into it, this book is pretty alright. It has a really, painfully slow start, and if this type of setting - World War II, historic - isn't really you're thing, it's kind of a chore to get around to reading it. Once you do, though, you want to know more about if one character is REALLY as bad as you would think, or if another is going to be able to stay safe. I Love the idea that it's centered around the experience of two sisters, rather than being two Lovers trying to find a way to be together in this terrible global event.
It's interesting to see two so polar opposites doing the brave and dangerous things they do during this time, but neither sister in of herself is truly..... likable. Like, upon initial introduction, I didn't like Vianne, and admired Isabelle, and then later on, identified with some of Vianne's choices as a mother, and pitied Isabelle's choice - while incredible and helpful - as if they were driven by her background as an unwanted child. It's very 50/50. It's a book that I would read if I had time, but not one that I felt compelled to make time to read. But, I have always preferred magical dark faery tales such as The Iron Fey or Wicked Lovely, so if this SOUNDS like it would be up your alley then I would definitely say go for it, but if not. It probably wouldn't be a great idea.

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