Saturday, June 10, 2017

dreft purtouch Review

I received this for free from Crowdtap in exchange for my honest review!
Rating: 4/5
Value: $0.79

So, purtouch is dreft's new bio-friendly 65% plant based formula (think Tide purclean), made 100% solely on windmill power. It's free of dyes and synthetic additives that normal detergents would have, but it still has the classic, baby fresh dreft fragrance! While it definitely does clean clothes well and removes stains and smells, I would say it's anything revolutionary or game-changing in of itself solely based on it's performance. I would most definitely recommend it for parents with super fresh babes and younger infants, especially if you're looking to clean up your whole Life and want something that'll reduce your carbon footprint. That being said, though, if your kids get older and you need to tighten up the budget for a while, don't feel like you need to make this a priority. It's great for little teenies, but it serves it purpose and that's about it.

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