Saturday, June 10, 2017

GoodBelly Probiotics Juice Drink Pomegranate Blackberry Flavor

I received this product for free from Social Nature in exchange for my honest review!
Rating: 3/5
Value: $3.99

I got a full carton of this from Whole Foods with my voucher and I got it in the Pomegranate Blackberry the other varieties available were like Coconut and Blueberry Acai and I'm not a big fan of those, but I LOVE Pomegranate. I tried a little bit of this in my juice glass because I'm not a fan of blackberry, though, and the carton was frozen when I got it from the store. It's pretty alright; kind of watery, but the blackberry definitely dominates in terms of flavour power so I had to sip it slowly for the little bit that I had. It doesn't smell the greatest, so that made me tentative, but I was pleasantly surprised, just not as satisfied as I would have liked to be. That being said, the healthiest thing I drink is water or Bolthouse Farm smoothies. I am an AVID soda drinker (I know, it's terrible!). So considering I wasn't completely turned off when I have two cans of Cherry Coke every day, it's definitely impressive!!! I can definitely see using this as an extra boost for a smoothie or power juice, though! I couldn't gulp this, but I could probably pace myself with a straw, and if you're a fan of blackberry, you should really enjoy it! Especially if you drink this kind of stuff pretty often!

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