Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Private Selection Green Chile Ranch Rub & Texas Inspired BBQ Kettle Cooked Chips

I received this seasoning rub and these chips for FREE from the My Magazine Sharing Network sponsored by Kroger and OMG THEY WERE SO YUMMY!!
Rating: 5/5
Value: $4.19

LOOK AT THAT YUMMINESS! This is what I did last night, I rubbed black pepper, Pink Himalayan salt, some bread and my Green Chile Ranch rub from Private Selection on these breasts and baked them through. Soooo juicy and so yummy! This rub is seriously awesome.

Rating: 3/5
Value: $2.79

The Texas Inspired BBQ chips (pictured right and bag in background) were just a touch spicy - I had to give our roommate's son regular chips, and my husband didn't like them - but myself, and our two roommates enjoyed them! They go really well with the flavour of the rub on the chicken, I thought. I'm so glad I took a chance on it!

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