Saturday, June 10, 2017

"Ready, Player One" by Ernest Cline Book Review

Yo, okay, so this wasn't a book I received for free specifically for a review. I had been looking for this book for well over a year and when Book of the Month Club got an exclusive hard back edition, I had a free credit from a referral and I ordered this one for personal purposes. BUT Y'ALL. IT SO GOOD. So good I need to review it and tell the world about it!

This book is so freaking GOOD. It is CHOCK FULL of 80s references along ALL streams - movies, music, games, general technology, even style and fashion to an extent. It is told from the perspective of a truly obsessed fan boy - complete with pat down knowledge of obscure, useless trivia all the way to nicknames for people who aren't actually obsessed. If you enjoy 80s culture, or even if you just enjoy game culture and don't mind to plethora of 80s references, this is definitely something I'd recommend. It's a touch slow at first, just giving you the grit and bulk of the background information necessary to get you into the meat of the story, but after you actually read about Wade's name getting onto the Scoreboard and how it happens (which is the hook into the book, so not a spoiler!), it just goes and goes and goes and it doesn't stop until you reach the end! I'm no kidding, I read the entire thing in a weekend, and I literally kept going "one more chapter" until two in the morning when I was apparently done. This is the only book in my Life I've ever wanted to reread immediately upon finishing the book. I work at ThinkGeek and told my manager that when the move comes out, we better be getting stuff in for me to buy. I'm looking for cheap anti-Sixer shirts. I wanted a onesie for my daughter, lol Read it!

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