Monday, August 28, 2017

Garnier Skin Active Line - My Personal Selection of Favourites!

Garnier Clean + Invigorating Daily Scrub For Normal Skin Rating: 4/5
Invigorating is DEFINITELY the word! Make sure t lather with plenty of water; if you apply the gel straight to your skin, it'll be too strong. But lathered properly, it definitely has a cooling and energizing effect. I use this right before getting out of the shower so the zing hasn't faded in the steam by the time I'm done and getting out.

Garnier Skinactive Clean + Shine Control Cleansing Gel Rating: 5/5
I Love the gentleness of this gel cleanser. It's light, but the menthol makes it very refreshing. It melts away gross and ick from the day or a hard night of sleep and just opens you up!

Garnier Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel-Cream Rating: 5/5
Refreshing is RIGHT! It's light, spreads far, smells GREAT, and is super refreshing on skin at any point in the day. But, it's also super cooling and calming if used before bed. All around an awesome moisturizer, my favourite when paired with the Clearly Brighter SPF moisturizer from this line.

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