Tuesday, August 1, 2017

STAINMASTER High Traffic Cleaner

I received this item for FREE! From the Kroger My Magazine Sharing Network! :D
Rating: 4/5
Value: $5.97

There's not really a good way to show a before and after photo since I used the High Traffic cleaner and nothing in regards to stains, but I can definitely vouch for it's promise to protect the carpet and repel future dirt! One downside is that it's really hard to tell how much of this stuff is actually coming out when you spray it. And because of that, I actually only got two uses out of this can, in two rooms, so to do a proper test, I had to buy a second can myself (but with coupon and rebate, it was half off!). It definitely freshens up the room the day that you use it for about 12-16 hours, I'd say. But not much longer than that, so that's another draw back.

But, about a week or so after I used this in the living room (where most people come in - between four adults, two toddlers, two cats, and all of the company that goes with each person and the comings and goings of each family, that's a LOT of HIGH TRAFFIC!), I could tell that it made good on it's protection promise. Part of the instructions are to vacuum before use, so a lot of dust and hair came up with that vacuum, but the can was almost half full again after the second vacuum following this spray. Nearly a week later, using this AGAIN between ALL of that traffic, my vacuum canister was DAMN. NEAR. EMPTY. It seriously warded and fended off dirt like a CHAMP. I truly don't have any issue making this a regular purchase in my home, but maybe about monthly as opposed to weekly. And between any sales, coupons, and rebates, it's only about $3.50? Can't beat it for something that keeps your carpet virtually dirt free between 6+ people and two cats living in, coming, and going out of the home.

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