Sunday, September 17, 2017

Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Crayon Review (from Crowdtap)

I received these Marc Jacobs Gel Crayon Highliners for FREE from Crowdtap for testing and review! This is a completely HONEST opinion!

I received the purple and pink shades,
Grape Vine and Pink of Me.
Value: $25 each ($50 total)
Rating: 3/5
All I can seem to find anyone saying about these eyeliners is that they great and perfect and they enjoyed them so much and by God, I SO WISH I could say the same! I was so excited for these eyeliners, but was sorely disappointed with the reactions I had with them.

- glides on SO SMOOTH. Almost buttery, it's so creamy
- comes with a built in sharpener so you can get a fine point instead of using the rounded tip it has brand new
- colour is BOLD and long lasting as hell! Both shades lasted through an entire work shift each

- irritating to the seventh level of Hell. As soon as I put on Pink of Me and showed up at work, I was watery eyed, stiffly and stuffy, getting headaches and honestly thought I was getting sick. It wasn't until the next day I realized I was fine, and the day after that I applied Grape Vine in the hopes it was just the pink, and had the same reaction. My roommate also received these in the brown and blue shades, and she said the brown did the same to her. As of yet, she hasn't tried the blue. I don't have sensitive eyes and have only ever had adverse reactions to a single mascara in the past, so I know it not me.
- Was SUPER hard to remove at the end of the night, even with a dedicated makeup removal wipe. And it was flaky and got into my eyes, after nearly scrubbing them. One of the top make up and skin care tips isn't remove your make up before bed every night but how the hell can you with stuff like this?!?!?!

While the pros far outnumber the cons, the cons far outweigh the Pros. Also, these are $25 PER PENCIL? Are people out of their damn minds?! It gets a decent rating for being an overall working product and doing what it's meant to do, but not a high rating for fear of people buying this and having an unpleasant experience. I wouldn't recommend this eyeliner.

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