Monday, October 2, 2017

Baby Your Baby Box from Kroger MyMagazineSharing Network

I received this box full of baby goodies and coupons for FREE from Kroger's My Magazine Sharing Network.

Gerber Baby Foods - Bananas
While my daughter SO Loved these when she was younger, she's a bit outgrown them by now, but I gave them to my roommate who has begun mixing in baby food for her son's rice cereal and he took to it so well! He really enjoyed them, and the Gerber baby food purees were essentially a staple in our home for the longest time, and are a well Loved product in the homes of many. Highly recommended!

BeechNut Melties - Apple & Pumpkin
I wish my daughter were a bigger fan of these. Beech Nut is such a good brand and she enjoys certain melties when she's in the mood for them. She liked these well enough, but eventually began playing around with them more so than actually eating them, and being such a small packet, but the time these had expanded and become stale, they were no longer any good to eat. :/

Enfalyte Drink - Cherry
I received several coupons for free Enfalyte drinks, and I only got one at first in the Cherry flavour. My daughter was NOT interested. I wish I had gone back for more and gotten the fruit punch flavour before he coupon expired, but I don't think I have any more time. >.<

Huggies Wipes
ALWAYS my go to for wipes for my daughter! While I don't like their diapers (I much more prefer Pampers or ALDI Little Journey), Huggies wipes are my absolutely number one! They are strong, unfragranced, and do such a great job at pretty much everything!

Enfagrow Todder Powder Drink Mix
My daughter has been drinking milk for quite some time and is a MILK FIEND. She doesn't have any interest in any of the powder I'll probably hold on to these and pass them on to my roommate when her son is old enough to have them.

All in all, this box was FULL of great stuff! I couldn't use all of it, but all of it could be used if passed on to like my roommate or other friends. Thanks so much, Kroger, for all the great and helpful coupons, too!

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