Saturday, October 14, 2017

Dove Spray Deodorants from Influenster and MyMagazineSharing

Free from Influenster for my honest review!
Rating: 4/5
Value: $4.59

Women's Dove Invisible Dry Spray Clear Finish Antiperspirant Deodorant
I thoroughly enjoy this deodorant! I also received a bottle in a Target Beauty Box, so I have two! And I'll most definitely use them! They are such a FRESH, clean scent, they don't leave any residue that I can feel on my underarms. They appear white when you apply the spray, but so far I haven't noticed any coming off on my clothes and now that I think about it, I haven't had any real wetness, either! It's been working pretty well for me! My one and only issue with it is that it IS an aerosol can, so while I'll use the ones I received now, and enjoy them, I don't believe I will ever purchase them. I'm not a fan of what aerosol cans do to the environment and how useless they are at composting and recycling.

Men's Dove Spray Deodrant
My husband tried out the first an we received earlier this year from Influenster and said it worked, he just still preferred his stick deodorant. He didn't give me any REAL feedback on it, so I'm going to have him try out this can I received from Kroger's Sharing Network and see if he can give me something more useful and concrete. ;)
UPDATE: Okay, so he's about as helpful in this as a jellyfish. While I think it smells good he literally has no description or anything about what he feels for it. It's "boring, it's nothing special, it doesn't stand apart from the crowd." I'm going to make sure he uses it before work tomorrow and ask him to pay attention at how much he sweats (or doesn't) and how much he stinks (or doesn't) throughout his shift for the day.
UPDATE 2: He swears up and down he sweats so much more and it doesn't do him any good. I'm just going to give it to our roommate. *rolls eyes*

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