Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Pamper Yourself Sheet Mask Box from MyMagazineSharing

I received these AWESOME Kroger sheets masks from their new Spa line from My Magazine Sharing Network and I'M. IN. LOVE.

Rating: 4/5
Value: $10 ($2.50 each, three sheets masks and one under eye mask set)

These are the ones I received. I got three sheet masks and one set of under eye patches. I decided to share with my roommate and received coupons so I bought us so more after the fact. As you can see us below, we decided to try out the sheet masks and they were so refreshing and cooling. Our faces felt great afterwards. I have saved the Exfoliate and Deep Hydration ones I've bought since because I want to use them right before and after Christmas when I want to look extra nice and relax post celebration. I'v tried the under eye Energize patches since this night and they do wonders for helping my under eyes look brighter - and then there's a whole Brightening patch on its own, like the one I received! And they're super affordable and gentle, so I can pick them up in my regular grocery trip no problem-o and use them pretty frequently. I used additional coupons to pick up more of the spa line - epsom bath salts, creamy epsom salt based bubble bath, and some pedicure foot scrub. I'm so Love with this quality, affordable Kroger spa line. If you live in an area with one, I highly recommend it!

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