Thursday, February 22, 2018

Simple Truth Organic #LunchboxChallenge from MyMagazineSharing Network

I received the Cheddar Kangaroos and the Applesauce cup, plus coupons for the rest, from Kroger's My Magazine Sharing Network for #FREE!

Value (including coupons): $3.00
Rating: 5/5

These were so incredibly good! The Cheddar Kangaroos are a lot what they look like, kind of like Goldfish. But, they were heartier and had a stronger, smokier flavour. More cheesy, more wanting more! The applesauce was very refreshing, not too sweet (since there were no sweeteners added!), but still better for a day of a quick, nice lunch as opposed to eating an apple and dealing with sticky apple fingers. I made sure to put my coupons to work and purchase some other Simple Truth Organic items, too, such as these AWESOME fruit snacks. Made with tapioca syrup, but my entire family Loves these more than any other gummy snack!

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