Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Clairol Nice N Easy Hair Colour

I received this Hair Colour for FREE from PinchME!

Value: $6.98
Rating: 4/5

So, not only does this hair colour packaging look beautiful and fresh - it smells wonderful and fresh, too! However, while the colour looks good - it definitely isn't what I was expecting. I'm ginger as it is, and the side of the box only has colouring result for blonde, light brown, and dark brown hair. I chose the colour that was closest to my ginger, the light brown, and guestimated from there. I got the Light Auburn in the hopes that it would just brighten or enhane the red I already had. It, instead, had the opposite effect and made my hair a darker, more blood red auburn combination. It doesn't look bad, and it's starting to grow on me - which is good, since I'm stuck with it for a little while - but if this had an estimate for more naturally ginger hair, I wouldn't have been so surprised and would have been able to properly know what to expect.

Also, I didn't quite get full coverage. I saturated my hair all the way through, brushed with my fingertips, brushed with my dye brush, moved my hair to the side all the way around my hair and even though it only took half the bottle since my hair isn't very thick and is cut short, I continued using what was left just to guarantee that I would be fully covered and yet I STILL have plenty of naturally coloured spots all throughout my hair. At least the colours are close, so it's not horrendously noticeable (or horrendous when you DO notice it) but the colour preview could be more universal and it could hold better.

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