Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Saturday Skin Daily Featherweight Moisturizing Cream

I received this complimentary from Influenster for my honest review!
Value: $49.00

Not a fan. Not a fan at all. "Featherweight?" No joke, this is literally the HEAVIEST, thickest moisturizer I've ever tried. And it's not like it comes out with very much, either. Literally, the drugstore moisturizer I have been using for the past two years is lighter. And it has now been about half an hour since I applied this cream.If I run my fingers across my cheek as gently as I can, I STILL am coming up with shiny, oily fingers. It's greasy! I'm highly considering going back and rewashing my face (NOT with the cleaner, but another facial wash) just to get this off of me. Would NOT recommend. And absolutely not for an unreasonable $49.

*Image from sephora.com

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