Friday, May 11, 2018

How to Walk Away Book Review [Contains SPOILERS]

I received How to Walk Away by Katherine Center for free to review from SheSpeaks Book Club!

And am I glad I did! It was a GREAT read! Unique and unexpected, it was something I literally couldn't put down until I could no longer keep my eyes open! I stayed up until 2am the day I began reading it and finished it before my husband even went to work the next day.

I can honestly say while I can't relate Margaret's, the protagonist's, plights throughout the book, I definitely felt something relate-able at the very beginning when her boyfriend was practically forcing/guilting her into doing something she was CLEARLY and openly uncomfortable with. Immediately I was on edge, hoping to see that she would put her foot down and be strong. She didn't, but she was strong throughout the rest of the book. I really enjoyed the perspective of going through this. Normally it's losing a Loved one, or having some type of Life affecting tragedy in these kinds of stories, but not so much a Life changing one, that actually in the long run changes your day to day actions. In this novel, our protagonist becomes paralyzed, completely and utterly taking away her Life as she knows it and having to literally relearn the small details of her Life all over again.

While I was constantly and sickeningly infuriated over the amount of sympathy and consideration given to Charles, Margaret's fiancee for a bit of the book, I absolutely cheered when Margaret decided she was just done after he cheated. Beyond that, I adored the dynamic she had with Ian. Their interactions were hilarious, and each time I was thoroughly invested in moving forward and seeing the next development between the two. I devoured all of the fluffiness, Margaret's dry humour, the unexpected turn of Ian denying her (out of his own pseudo nobility). My favourite part of the book, though, is the ending. While a happy one, it's also a realistic one. Margaret doesn't have a miraculous recovery, but she uses her strength to build something she can live for. It's awesome and inspiring in a realistic way. I can't relate, but I can still take important connections from this book into my own Life, to move forward and find a way when something changes my Life. It's awesome and I highly recommend the journey for anyone who hasn't taken it yet!

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