Saturday, June 9, 2018

Anything #ForYourPet Campaign

I got into an AWESOME campaign from Kroger's MyMagazineSharing Network for Fluke! In it, I received:

Value: Total $10.77
Rating: 4/5 overall (5/5 Purina ONE, 5/5 Friskies Party Mix, 2/5 Meow Mix Simple Servings)

This is her favourite food, the first snack she's liked in nearly a year, and a wet food that she doesn't particularly like, but she enjoys the gravy off of it.

I cannot review the Purina ONE Tender Selects positively ENOUGH! Ever since the first time we ever received a free sample from PinchME three years ago, she has LOVED it. She almost refuses to eat anything else. It's good for her, a line from a brand that has been around and trusted for FOREVER, and it doesn't make her fat.

And THESE. TREATS. Fluke hasn't responded or been into any treats for nearly a year. But the Friskies (I got the turkey kind with gravy) Party Mix has been a hit with her. Not so much the Meow Mix Simple Servings, but she's not a huge fan of wet food to begin with and she doesn't really like fish flavoured stuff, and we received this in white tuna. The coupons for these treats have been a saving grace, though. I'm so happy to have them help me save on something special for her, and now we get to spoil her just a little bit again. It feels nice being able to give our furbaby a little something to make her day of being harassed by a toddler a bit better.

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