Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Kroger Brand Mega Mission! Level 1

Hey, all! I was accepted into the My Magazine Sharing Network Kroger Brand Mega Mission and Level 1 was BALLIN'!

I received the following for free, entirely complimentary for review.
- Kroger Chunky ChipMates Cookies
- Kroger Fruity Flavoured Snacks
- Kroger Simply Classic Trail Mix

And Y'ALL lemme tell ya how happy my entire family was. I LOVE keeping trail mix on me for when I'm out playing Pokemon GO or at work. So a free big bag of classic Kroger brand trail mix? YES PLEASE. I'm picky, so I've had to go through it and pick out the almonds, but otherwise it's classic and satisfying as trail mix could ever be.
Alice is all about these fruit snacks. Whenever we buy them, we buy them 2 boxes at a time because of the sale, and always Kroger brand. Typically she gets the vehicle ones with the spaceship on it, or the princess ones, but one of the two we get is always the "LELLOW!" box now because she just likes these the best! I have to admit, I snuck a pack or two myself. ;)
My husband was so stoked on the cookies. He's a sucker for giving into his sweet tooth. And while I typically don't like prepackaged chocolate chip cookies, I have to admit these were pretty tasty! I kept wanting "just one more".

All in all, I am so happy to be a member of the Kroger Brand My Magazine Sharing network. I am always getting amazing prodcts from the Kroger brand family, plenty of coupons so I can continue savings on the products I Love, and it just gives me more reason to continue being loyal to Kroger and their family. I have never been so appreciative and seen such an involved with the community company as Kroger when I moved back to Savannah and I am so happy to have it here! I wish my hometown had one so my family could enjoy saving at Kroger! Where Awesome Meets Affordable!

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