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This is the page where I will list all of my referral links for the rewards and survey sites that I use, so if you'd like to sign up for anything, you can just click here! I'm going to do individual posts for each one, but I figured it would also be easy to have them all compiled together for convenience sake.

Checkout 51 (App) - A rebate app that gives you money back on some of your typical grocery and household purchases. Really simple, just check every Thursday morning when the offers update and decide which ones you'd like, add those to your grocery list and make sure to pick them up (within the parameters of the offer - some thing are Buy 2 required!), and when you get home, upload photos of the receipt with the purchases on them!

CrowdTap - I want to make something clear - If any of you have read the Krazy Coupon Lady's blog post including this program, she doesn't describe it correctly!!! I follow her blog and a lot of her sales, but she got this program's description completely wrong. She says you use points that you earn to get rpoducts - NOT how it works! You complete mini missions - leaving a comment, sharing some media, sharing a photo, taking polls - and earn points, and for every 1000 points, you get a guaranteed claim code for a $5 Amazon gift card. Whenever a sample mission comes up for one of your 'crowds,' you apply for the mission, then IF you get accepted, you complete mini missions and do a final review for the product you receive and it adds to you 1000 point counter. So no matter what, you at least get that $5 on a semi-regular basis and can stock up your Amazon account balance. I've only been doing this serously since May (I'm typing this at the end of August), and I've already gotten three crowd kits for full sized, free items, have another on the way, four sample mission applications pending, and am about to hit the $50 mark on the gift cards that I have received.

Field Agent (App) - This one is kind of neat if you get out a lot. It's kind of like secret shopping, but you don't really have to spend any money and get reimbursed. You first take Screeners, which don't anything, but places you in the demographic you best fit in, and then you'll periodically be offered jobs in different stores like comparing flyers and prices or making sure a display in a certain chain is done correctly. Every now and then, you'll also get a survey you can just do. Average task pays are $2-6 and payout minimum is none - If you REALLY need that $5 dollars, no need to wait for a limit!

Ibotta (App) - This is a grocery rebate app like Checkout 51, but there are also offers for some of your dining out and shopping purchases. Minimum to cash out is $20-$25, and you can redeem for gift cards or PayPal payouts. There's no fee, so it's 100% yours AND since they're rebates, you're making money back on items that have already been taxed - meaning that you DO NOT have to report these gift cards and payouts on your taxes each year and owe on them! Sign up using this referral link, and you'll get $10 when you redeem your first rebate (so, $.50 for a Glade candle will get you $10) and you're halfway to your first cash out. And of course, there's always bonuses and if you get your friends to join, too, there's a Teamwork Bonus every month to work towards.

InboxDollars (Site) - A survey site that also pays you back for shopping online and completing offers. Minimum to cash out is $30. Personally, it does take quite some time to rack these up; The qualifications for the surveys aren't typical, so it's difficult to fall in the parameters. But, it's still doable and every little bit helps! And, you get a $5 sign up bonus for joining and completing your profile.

Influenster - Here, you connect to as much social media as you can to promote and increase your 'influence' score, and then you review products - as much as you can! Thangs you have tried, hings you use regularly, books you've read, games you like, fod and drinks you enjoy. Or, you ask questions about stuff you're interested in, or how something compares to another product. Based on how actie you partiipate and what kind of profile you have, you unlock badges and can be offered VoxBoxes of free products you can test out to review. Keep in mind, you HAVE to do the reviews once you receive and check in your box to remain eligible for more.

Panel App (App) - This one is really easy. But it also takes a certain level of comfort on your part. Surveys and panels are all about sharing your day to day information for companies to see what consumers do and what appeals to them. With the Panel App, you install it on your phone, make sure your GPS is always on, and go! It tracks where you go and every day will ask you a few questions - Did you visit Hungry Howie's on such and such date? or Where were you on August 5, 2015 at 1:40 pm? If you visited a store, it'll ask you if you bought anything, what it was if you were aware of certain products sold there. As you answer these questions, you'll get points you can redeem for gift cards or PayPal payouts. Now, this one also takes a while to build up, but if you keep letting it go and answer the questions accurately (or to the best of your memory), and the more often you do the survey questions, the more points you'll get every day and the amount of points will increase for each day over time.

Paribus (Site) - Alright, now this one is pretty interesting. Paribus will track your online shopping habits and keep on eye on the prices of items you've bought. If it catches a price drop, they'll automatically contact the merchandiser and get you the difference refunded to you in the form of the merchandiser's gift card! If it's Target, Target will mail you a physical gift card. If it's Amazon, they'll credit it to your account. Now, they do ask for a small percentage in return, I think 25%. So on a $10 catch, it'll be $2.50. But, you can't reduce that by 5% with a referral. So, get five friends to also sign up and boom! You're getting your money back. Now, same as Ibotta, since it's a return for an item already purchased and taxed you don't have to report them on tax season. Whoo!

ReceiptHog (App) - Just upload pictures of your recent receipts and you get either Spins or Coins you can redeem for PayPal payouts or Amazon gift cards!

Receipt Pal (App) - Almost exactly like receipt hog, but you have to upload four receipt to complete a card and then you get 100 points for a card. You can redeem the points for gift cards from several vendors they offer.

SendEarnings (Site) - This one is pretty much exactly like InboxDollars. In fact, it's even sponsored by the same people! Nothing terribly different about the two but this does ensure another paycheck coming to your mailbox since. It's like doing the same program twice! Which is normally something you can't, so I keep it Bookmarked and check it from time to time. As with InboxDOllars, too, you get a $5 sign up bonus for joining and completing your profile.

Shopkick (App) - This is probably one of my favourite apps, as well. Get "kicks" for walking into certain stores, scanning barcodes, or for your purchases with a linked credit card and redeem them for gift cards! Anytime you go grocery shopping at Target, Walmart, or Kroger, make sure you open the app to get your walk in kicks and check it while you're shopping around to scan the barcodes they're currently offering kicks for. And they've just introduced receipt kicks, too - Essentially, their version of rebates. Need new clothes and plan on going to JCPenney or American Eagle? Link your credit card and get a kick per dollar spent, usually with bonus at certain threshholds. Target, Bath & Body Works, Starbucks, Foot Locker, and more offer gift cards here.

Smiley360 - This one works a lot like Influesnter in that the more socially connected you are, the mor elikely you are to be eligible for products to try. But, you have to participate in forum discussions and missions to increase your points. Of course, once you receive your products, you have to make sure to provide honest feedback to be eligible for more.

Swagbucks (App/Site) - This one has easily got to be my favourite. You complete surveys, search, watch videos, enter words and phrases called SwagCodes, and complete offers that give you points called Swagbucks. First of all, the rewards to redemption ration on here is the best and most fair that I've seen from any of them. And it's the easiest and most enjoyable to rack points up on, too. I've gotten Swagbucks for signing up for free trials (which I would do anyway), letting videos play in the background while I'm doing other stuff, searching, and other things like applying for the Target REDcard, downloading Solitaire onto my phone, and letting videos play on my phone while I'm on the computer, too. And, the limits for videos on your phone versus videos on the site are different, so you don't have to choose one over the other. The easiest way to rack up points, though, is the shopping online feature. You get Swagbucks per dollar spent on a sponsored website they partner with, and for buying GiftCards from their digital e-card site, MyGiftCardsPlus. My favourite thing to do is to buy the gift card from there, and then make my purchase from the site I need to. You get Swagbucks for buying the gift cards AND for making the purchase, since all they use to verify is that the email associated with the account is also the email used to make the purchase.

Walmart Savings Catcher (App) - Anytime you shop at Walmart, open this up and scan that little QR code box at the bottom. Walmart will search around for competitor chains and if anyone offered the items you purchased at a lower price they'll give you the difference back on your account in the app and you can cash it in for a Walmart gift card! Now that's giving back.

Of course, I'll update this as I go along and discover new things. I hope you find some of these interesting or helpful, and if so, make sure you sign up using the Referral links! You always get sign up bonuses for using them!

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